The Expedition

Shine On

The Crystal Ship is being filled

Party: Amelia, Zana, Zira, Roy
Quest Giver: Corpsman Ca’Maroon Calisson
Objectives: Survive the Storm (Passed), Defeat the Megatuna Brine Dragon (Passed), Drive back the Crysmals (Passed), Mine up some nice magical crystals (Passed)
Reward: Two-Thousand gold in Gemstones, One [Light] or [One-Handed] Slashing or Piercing weapon, made from Crysmal stingers {Counts as weapon being made of Liquid Glass special material. Constantly shifts color, and is cold to the touch}, One Character Experience for All, One Faction Experience for Amelia and Zana
Total Time Passed: One Week (7 Days)

The party is hired on by Ca’Maroon to go and be the first to harvest the magical gems that have appeared in the wake of a Godstorm. Along the way, they meet some very angry locals who were drawn in by the same event.



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