The Expedition

Stardust Crusaders

Butcher vs Heroes: Round 1/7

Party: Adrian, Arduin, Amelia, Zaul
Quest Giver: Councilor Amphirite Fizzlewake
Objectives: Find the Correct Forest Entrance (Failed), Navigate the Forest (Passed), Defeat some Irradiated Boars (Passed), Defeat the Spirit of the Butcher (Passed)
Reward: One Character Experience for All. One Faction Experience for Adrian and Arduin. Chorander Metal unlocked for the town of Nytt. Red Destiny {Unique}: Runeforged Short Sword.
Total Time Passed: Three Weeks (21 Days)

The party delves into Edenecho’s forests, and finds a bit more than the bargained for. Or, maybe exactly what they bargained for, in the form of the Spirit of the Butcher, a Hunter of Seirolac that no one could quite remember the name of.



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