The Expedition

Tears of the Equine

The plant, not the animals

Party: Hein, Roy, Amelia, Arduin
Quest Giver: Curator Giorgio Nilarask
Objectives: Locate Elk-Like Creatures for Domestication (Success), Defeat the natural predator Sea-Ox (Success), Collect some Edenic Horseradish (Success)
Reward: 1 Character Experience for All. 1 Faction Experience for Hein. One Edenic Elk {Name Pending}, One Masterwork Artisan’s Kit, 100 gold pieces, 5 doses of Edenic Horseradish [Consumable: Provides 1d4 Temporary Hit Points for 10 minutes, and Staggers for 1 minutes. DC 15 Fortitude Save negates Stagger]
Total Time Passed: 14 days (2 weeks)

The party is hired on by local eccentric animal lover Giorgio Nilarask to go and seek out some elk-like creatures that may or may not be extinct. Surprisingly, they are quite alive and flourishing, thanks to their natural ability to camouflage against the background of nature. However, their natural enemy, the Edenic Sea Ox, is still hard at work to wipe them out.

Through a bit of strength, speed, and quick thinking, the party is able to defeat the Sea Ox, rescue a young elk from drowning, and earn the respect of the local herd (with a little horseradish bribery).



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