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  • Spring Cleaning

    Party: Adrian, Zana, Ondo, Arturia, Cait
    Quest Giver: Recon Commander ChanGei Bowlt
    Objectives: Discuss the Ritual of the Swords and the Stone (Passed), Properly fend off an early

  • Alpha Ursa Minor

    Party: Roy, Hein, Arturia, Zira, Ondo
    Quest Giver: HRS Captain Deborah Tanropi
    Objectives: Find the lair of the Alpha Ursapent (Passed), Defeat so many Ursapents (

  • Temples and Templars 2e

    Party: Adrian, Arturia, Ariki
    Quest Giver: Charles LaCroix
    Objectives: Partake in some party food (Passed), Bring your own figurines (Passed), Choose different characters (Passed), Agree to

  • Starday Night Mights

    Party: Fargrim, TerVu, Cassandra, Alacri, Yu

    Quest Giver: Oilug Grintusk
    Objectives: Run a practice game (Passed), Training Montage (Passed), Decide on a team name (Passed), Face off

  • Cat Scratch Fever

    Party: Zira, Roy, Amelia, Cait, Nomoluun
    Quest Giver: Cadenza Anam
    Objectives: Meet up with the other nations teams for the cat hunt (Passed), Save the ailing patient from Crimson

  • The Prince and the Pauper [Act 1]

    Party: Zira, Arturia, Nomoluun, Warden Sollemnia
    Quest Giver: Cadenza Anam
    Objectives: Choose an Alpha to go after to defend Emano (Passed), Seek out a waterfall (Passed), Defeat an Echo (

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