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  • The Capitol Lands (Diaolia)

    Best known from its centralized location among the Isles, the Capitol Lands consist of two separate islands:

    The Outer Shield, which acts as a home to largest population of people among the nation, ranging from common laborers in the

  • The Far Plains (Diaolia)

    Located in the northwestern reaches of the Isles, the Far Plains are unique in their largely rural ways, its people having decided to largely occupy only two large coastal towns on either end of the Isle.

    Between the two towns lies Diaolia

  • The Deep Woods (Diaolia)

    An area located in the southwestern seas of Diaolia, well known for its high quality lumber. Ancient lodges and castles from times predating recorded history still dot the Gemviper Isle, many requiring maintenance only after the Lunar Crash of

  • The High Forests (Diaolia)

    The southern snaking lands of Diaolia, well known for sparse forests and exceptional hilly overlooks.

    Many observatories dot the high hills of the Isle of Arroway, both ancient and modern in nature. Grand observations of the southern stars are

  • The Fertile Swamps (Diaolia)

    Nestled comfortably between the Lost Paradise and the Capitol Lands, the Fertile Swamps consist of three Isles. The topmost and smallest is home to members of local government and diplomats who dont wish to smell the rest of their territory.

  • The Swirling Nexus (Diaolia)

    Now a set of four Isles, connected by a perpetually swirling whirlpool in the middle, the Isles of Nexus are known to have once been a single landmass, until the Lunar Crash of 674 ZA devastated the lands and destroyed the center, leaving a permanent

  • The Lost Paradise (Diaolia)

    Up in the northeastern reaches, the Lost Paradise is named not for its main Isle of North Solset, but its mysterious brother, Erutan. Many have attempted to colonize the area throughout the years, on the fronts of Cidoper, Jeouji, and even

  • The Dark Seas (Diaolia)

    The Seas surrounding Diaolia are a place of much danger and mystery, inhabited by many beasts of varying shapes and sizes. Though none are moreso dangerous than the Galavant, a species of giant squid that seems to have a nearly immortal natural lifespan

  • The Cloudy Hills (Diaolia)

    Not all lands for study are still around, as some people would have you believe. There are citizens of the Isles of Nexus who claim that their ancestors saw the city being not destroyed by a chunk of the falling moon, but rather lifted up from the earth

  • Hephorus

    Name: Hephorus
    Alignment: Lawful Evil
    Title: The Tireless Forge
    Areas of Concern: Progress, Commerce, Overseers
    Domains: Law, Evil, Fire, Travel

  • Arc-Hion

    Name: Arc-Hion
    Alignment: True Neutral
    Title: The Droning Echo
    Areas of Concern: Lost Knowledge, The Stars, Rituals
    Domains: Madness, Air, Magic

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