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    The Current Date is Winter 22 Year 158 PC


    In the aftermath of the collapse of the Age of Gods, the world of Jacoria has endured over one hundred

  • The Recon Corps

    Recon Corps
    Winding Through The Wilds
    HQ: Warehouse 3, Located in the Docks District of Nytt

    Covering the Exploration and Charting duties of the Expedition, the Recon Corps consists of a number of skilled outdoorsman

  • The Council of Edenecho

    The Council of Edenecho
    Forging A Brighter Future
    HQ: Nytt Longhouse, located in the Castle District of Nytt

    Overseeing the day to day operations of Nytt, originally the Council was separated into seven different

  • Nytt

    Founded by members of the Jacorian Coalitions First Expedition in the late summer of the year 153 PC, the town of Nytt has grown and flourished well under the command of a rotating council of seven elected officials, taking partial inspiration

  • The Overture

    The Overture
    Everyones an Equal on the Seas.
    HQ: Pegasapphire II, Located wherever the winds take her sails.

    Founded by Iaera Pegason after she grew bored with the dull life of bureaucracy, The Overture is

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