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  • A Feast for the Damned

    Party: Zira, Amelia, Cait, Fargrim, Sid
    Quest Giver: The Council of Nytt
    Objectives: Coax VicShoal into incarnating (Passed), Have some friendly discussion with him about the past and

  • Early Bird Gets the Worm

    Party: Adrian, Amelia, Roy, Zira, Cait, Fargrim, Nomoluun, Dodrich
    Quest Giver: Councilor Molton Anam
    Objectives: Win the lottery! (Passed), Dont splice together during teleportation

  • Bearing the Weight of the World

    Party: Zira, Cait, Roy, Amelia, Dodrich, Fargrim
    Quest Giver: The Humanoids of the World
    Objectives: Fortify the Camp (Passed), Buff with so much magic you made Cait almost throw up from the

  • Stairway to Heaven

    Party: Zira, Cait, Roy, Amelia, Dodrich, Fargrim, NomoLuun
    Quest Giver: Skylos, The Risen Phoenix
    Objectives: Extract the Herb (Pass), Get the Herb to Kyndal (Pass), Distract Volvagia

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