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  • The Recon Corps

    Recon Corps
    Winding Through The Wilds
    HQ: Warehouse 3, Located in the Docks District of Nytt

    Covering the Exploration and Charting duties of the Expedition, the Recon Corps consists of a number of skilled outdoorsman

  • The Overture

    The Overture
    Everyones an Equal on the Seas.
    HQ: Pegasapphire II, Located wherever the winds take her sails.

    Founded by Iaera Pegason after she grew bored with the dull life of bureaucracy, The Overture is

  • Glory Gauntlet

    Glory Gauntlet
    For Glory and Gold
    HQ: The Bacchus Gambit, located in the Market District of Nytt

    Originally part of the HRS, this faction slowly formed as the months wore on in Edenecho. The <

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