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  • Qui Melja

    Home to Kukyo, the Imperial Capitol of Jeouji, as well as the Kita dynasty. It has long been known as the go-to area within the nation for those seeking extravagant amounts of history and culture, the Capitol Archives possessing written knowledge from

  • Youling

    The most heavily populated area of the Jeoujian commonfolk, the lands of Youling are the source of the majority of the farms that feed the Imperial nation. Tracing through the length of Rendimier, countless plains and foothills grace the naturally

  • Shui Keng

    Playing host to the largest natural saltwater sea in the world, Shui Keng is best known for its body of water called the Gui Zhang. It is through this sea that the Imperial family harvests nearly all of their purified salts for spiritcrafting and

  • Lengdan

    Stretching across the northern border of Jeouji, the territory of Lengdan has been long known to be a frozen sort of wasteland, the temperate and plentiful fields to the south in Youling turning to a frosted, wintery haze over the course of a few miles

  • Beit

    Possessing land in the southern half of a region known as the Dragons Shield, Beit is often called the Valley of Souls, due to its high concentration of spiritual activity. This is thought to be due to its location in

  • Xifeng

    The northern half of the Dragons Shield, an area defending the Imperial Capitol from outside invaders. Xifeng is best categorized not by its sprawling plains or yawning valley, but rather its expansive and beautiful system of

  • Haiyang

    Tracing along Jeoujis southwestern coast, the territory of Haiyang is widely reported to be the most actively dangerous reaches of the nation. Constant, shifting whirlpools and harsh rocky archipelagos call the area home, as does the vast

  • Huishou

    The westernmost territories of Jeouji, played back and forth between their neighboring nation of Cidoper on the western border. Its greatest known settlement, the fortress city of Xo, has traded hands on more than one occasion, though in it

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