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  • Ratield, The Sluggish Wanderer

    {DC 10} The fourth moon of Jacoria, Ratield is predominantly characterized by its cold, icy surface, giving it a frosty white appearance from the surface of the planet. Currently the second largest of the Planet of Pantheon

  • Propes

    Propes, the Graceful Dancer
    Jacorias Second Moon

    (DC 10) The planets smallest and fastest moon, Propes holds a pleasing shade of lavender, and even seems to hold a livable atmosphere

  • Idunn

    Idunn, the Furious Elder
    Jacorias First Moon

    {DC 10}: The oldest and third largest of Jacorias moons, Idunns cycle schedule is a bit odd, rotating and revolving in periods of

  • Chorite

    Chorite, the Ambient Glow
    Jacorias Third Moon

    {DC 10}: The body that used to hold the title of Jacorias largest moon, Chorite currently lies in the state of a shattered moon, floating

  • Alexandria

    Alexandria, the Brilliant Maiden
    Jacorias Fifth Moon

    {DC 10}: Shining magnificently in the sky with the color of cream, Alexandria is often what people refer to by default when asking if a

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