Burley Roy (Edenic Pantheon)

Burley Roy

The Headstrong Hero

Alignment: LG
Pantheon: Edenic Candidates
Areas of Concern: Honor, Self-Realization, Camaraderie, Architecture
Domains: Nobility, Community, Water, Good
Subdomains: Martyr, Cooperation, Flowing, Friendship
Favored Weapon: Lance
Symbol: Compassed Shield revealing his domains
Sacred Animal(s): Cervino
Sacred Color(s): Cobalt Blue
Current Followers: 590
Maximum Cleric Power: 5th Level Spells
Leader of Faith Joseph Crowell
Holy Text(s): Companion Guide

Going through life does not require you to do so on your own. Sit down here with your friends and reminisce on the past. The Companion Guide leads you to realization that power comes from friendship and the ability to understand others. A key tenant to the doctrine is that you should have a companion, be it human or animal, that you can work with to fulfill each other’s potentials. You and your companion will change with the flow of the world, but you will always reveal your true self with them. While you and your companions grow, you should help others along their own path and build a community.

Companion Selection

As people we are social creatures and as such we should be around others. We must realize that the way for us to grow is together. When you decide to follow along these teachings you will begin with creating a bond with another. A bond with another that is different from you. In order to further yourself, you must become part of something that was not part of you before. In this way you and your companion have an opportunity for growth as you flow through self-realization.

Burley Roy (Edenic Pantheon)

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