Enroth (Edenic Pantheon)


Creation’s Forge

Alignment: CG
Pantheon: Edenic Candidates
Areas of Concern: Hunting, Protection, Forges, Loyalty
Domains: Protection, Artifice, Strength, Weather
Subdomains: Fortifications, Toil, Resolve, Storms
Favored Weapon: Axe Shotgun
Symbol: An open flame
Sacred Animal(s): Goat
Sacred Color(s): Black and Red
Worshippers: 473
Holy Text(s): Vanguard Doctrine, less a holybook and more an eclectic handbook and survival guide covering a myriad of topics from pathfinding, to proper use and maintenance of firearms, shield techniques, armor crafting and upkeep, and anything else required to be self-sufficient and survive long periods of time in the wilds while paroling roads or guarding work camps and construction projects. The book places a strong emphasis on putting the safety of others before oneself and proactive response to danger through frequent patrols and keeping an eye and ear out for things being amiss; and encourages the reader to craft and maintain their own arms and armor so as to develop a bond with their gear and get a better feel and respect for how they function and their quirks.

Church Structure

The church of the Creation Forge is run less as a theistic organization and more a loose military force, with a strong emphasis on physical fitness and martial prowess, as well as survival and smithing skills; the bulk of the faith is consolidated within the Forge Wardens, a group dedicating to patrolling the roads and wilds beyond the walls of civilization, acting as escorts to caravans and first responders to attacks from wildlife (or those cruel individuals that would turn on their fellow man). The doctrine is simple: Protect your fellow citizens always and to the best of your ability and become a bulwark against a hostile world that wishes them harm.

Forge Wardens

A group formed to address the growing severity of threats to travelers between towns. While not wholly theological and welcoming to anyone who wishes to protect others, those that DO practice the faith are strongly encouraged to enlist and do their duty for their community in whatever way they are able. The wardens follow a rank-based hierarchy carried over from its origins as the Recon Corps, with standing in the group being based on merit and performance rather than displays of faith (something strongly encouraged by Enroth herself for any other groups dedicated to her that might crop up).

Enroth (Edenic Pantheon)

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