Nytt Marketplace

Nytt Town Market Base Stats

Base Value 3,500 gp; Purchase Limit 12,000 gp;
Spellcasting 5th
Minor Items 3d4; Medium Items 2d4; Major Items 1d4

Minor Items

Kinslayer Heavy Crossbow, marked with the symbol of a frothing badger – 2,350 gp

Staff of Minor Arcana, marked with the symbol of a dancing seal – 8,000 gp

Ring of Serene Contortions, marked with the symbol of a nimble crane – 1,200 gp

Marker’s Monocle, marked with the symbol of a sly racoon – 5,600 gp

Medium Items

Calming Splint Mail, marked with the symbol of a lamb – 1,350 gp

Potion of Gentle Repose, marked with the symbol of a spinning spider – 300 gp

Rod of Thunderous Force, marked with the symbol of a fluttering butterfly – 5,400 gp

Staff of Fire, marked with the symbol of a flame-belching salamander – 18,950 gp

Disruption Heavy Shield, marked with the symbol of a dog chewing on a bone – 8,320 gp

Arrowmaster’s Bracers, marked with the symbol of a soaring kingfisher – 13,900 gp

Major Items

Potion of Remove Curse, marked with the symbol of a swimming swan – 750 gp

Rings of Bondage, Greater, marked with the symbol of a coiling constrictor – 42,000 gp

Ring of Refusal, marked with the symbol of a roaring mountain lion – 32,500 gp

Rainbow Lenses, marked with the symbol of a hopping frog – 21,000 gp

Available Constructions


One-Bedroom House (Nytt) – 2,500 gp

Two-Bedroom House (Nytt) – 4,000 gp

One-Person Shack (Dogma) – 1,000 gp


Small Fishing Vessel (Seats 6. Unsuitable for deep ocean travel) – 1,800 gp

Medium Transport Ship (Crews 12. Capable of short-range ocean travel) – 4,500 gp

Medium Sailing Ship – (Crews 20. Capable of long-range ocean voyage) – 7,200 gp

Large Sailing Ship – (Crews 50. Capable of indefinite ocean travel. Can be upgraded to Warship for additional 4,000 gp) – 14,400 gp

Local Specialties

Edenic Horseradish (4 gp/pound)
A tasty and powerful seaside treat enjoyed by the native Cervino population of Edenecho. It can be consumed by them without difficulty. If eaten by the half pound by any other living creature, it takes on the following effect.
1d4 Temporary Alchemical Hit Points (10 Minutes)
Drawback (DC 15 Fortitude Save)
Become Staggered for 1 Minute from the Overwhelming taste

Wataurus Steak (400 gp/pound)
A flavorful steak, crafted from the native ‘Sea-Ox’ species along the coasts of Edenecho. The high price is reflected by the scarcity and danger of the Wataurus, though if one imbibes a pound of their cooked meat, they can temporarily become filled with power.
+4 Alchemical Bonus to Strength for 1 Hour
Drawback (DC 15 Fortitude Save)
Every 10 minutes (Beginning with the initial imbibing), the target must make a Will save or become Fatigued for the remainder of the duration.

Chromatic Tuna (24 sp/pound)
A colorful and chromatic type of fish, often seen swimming in formations that shimmer in the water like a rainbow reflected from the sky. An incredibly variable type of fish, the Tuna are all but indistinguishable from each other in properly prepared form, and provide a random effect when eaten, decided by a 1d7. All Effects Last for 1 Hour. You can gain no more than one bonus per day.
1 – Gain Fire Resist 5
2 – Gain a +1 to CMD
3 – Gain Electric Resist 5
4 – Gain Acid Resist 5
5 – Gain Cold Resist 5
6 – Become affected as though Slow
7- Become affected as though Enlarge Person

Squemons (24 cp/fruit)
The devil’s fruit, often used to scare disobedient youngsters into finishing their chores (or so the tales go). Incredibly sour and square.

Ochre Pyramids (40 gp/pound)
Small, orange pyramid-shaped berries found growing on bushes in the Scorchwoods. Highly acidic and sour. However, they seem to be exceptional at helping one think. If eaten by the half pound, it bestows the following effect.
-May Reroll one Knowledge check. New result cannot surpass a result of 15.
Drawback (DC 16 Fortitude Save)
2d4 Acid Damage

Emerald Peppers (80 gp/pound)
Spicy, Diamond-shaped peppers found in the south Golden Hills region. Reasonably spicy. However, they act as excellent fuel for couriers that are running a little behind. If eaten by the half pound, it bestows the following effect.
-Increase Base Movement Speed by 5 for 1d4 minutes
Drawback (DC 18 Fortitude Save)
2d6 Fire Damage

Milkberries (160 gp/pound)
Small, black and white berries found in the northern Golden Hills. Known to have a very moist and milky texture when eaten raw. However, when properly frozen, thawed, and then preserved, the resulting paste can be eaten by the half-pound to gain the following effect, enjoyed by sharpshooters who need to steady themselves.
Reduce penalties from Range Increments by half when attacking with a Ranged Weapon for 1d6 minutes.
Drawback (DC 20 Fortitude Save)
2d10 Cold Damage

Nytt Marketplace

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