The Council of Edenecho

The Council of Edenecho
‘Forging A Brighter Future’
HQ: Nytt Longhouse, located in the Castle District of Nytt

Overseeing the day to day operations of Nytt, the Council is separated into seven different sections, taking a cue from the storied political history of the nation of Saiurus. However, unlike the Severance Society of Saiurus, the Council of Nytt is comprised of a democratic set of elections, held at the start of every season. Any citizen of Edenecho may run for a particular seat if they wish, though new members are generally elected from those that take an active interest in helping out the current Council with their duties on an official basis.


  1. Joseph Crowell
  2. Peregrin Ashworthy
  3. Cre’en Badgerjaw
  4. Ca’Maroon Calisson
  5. Amphirite Fizzlewake
  6. Charles LaCroix
  7. Sabrina Sombra

Other Members of Note
Hollylynn Farmeadow (Secretary)
Player Characters – Adrian Schalice , Vania, Roy Djinnkins, Zira, Arduin

The Council of Edenecho

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