Chorite (Mystic Era)

Name: Chorite
Alignment: True Neutral
Title: The Universal Constant
Areas of Concern: Magic, Time, Reversal of Fate
Domains: Magic, Healing, Knowledge, Rune, Protection
Subdomains: Rites, Resurrection, Aeon, Legislation, Purity
Favored Weapon: Bladed Scarf
Symbol: A Complex Runic Symbol, in the shape of a Spiral
Sacred Animal: Peacock
Sacred Color(s): All

Chief among Deities in the Mystic Era was Chorite, the Universal Constant. Though his true Worshippers were few, their faith outstripped any others for level of dedication, leaving his mark among many civilizations that would come to rise up in the following Zodiac Age. The Ra’Ne of Saiurus, the Heloise Clan of Teycit, and the Crestflow Colony of Diaolia, all bare variations of his mark upon their own family sigils.

New, universal study with a global scale of scholars, has revealed that although all cultures had some level of remembrance for this mystical figure in their own stories and tales, none could properly trace back exactly when the fact of his existence became more of a fiction, believed to just be an ancient myth. The beginning of the Zodiac Age seems to be a common point of contention for such a gap in consciousness, many modern scholars believing that the end of the Mystic Era triggered some level of global amnesia for the events that preceded it. The Orcs of Nyez and the Men of Teycit were hit hardest by this phenomenon, their relatively modern societies falling back into a tribal era for several hundred years. It was only the destruction of the moon Chorite that seemed to trigger their rise back to the top.

In the very few depictions that remain of Chorite, he appears as a heavily dark-skinned male, beset in a beautiful coat of every imaginable color, floating overhead of other Deities from the Mystic Era. His few remaining tales tell of him turning back time on such great Catastrophes, such as city-destroying floods from overflowing rivers or landslides that bury civilizations at the feet of mountains. In the tales, the damage to not only the structures, but the people as well, was fully reversed back to the terms they had been before the Catastrophe.

Chorite (Mystic Era)

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