Dodrich (Edenic Pantheon)


Mercy’s Mortician

Alignment: TN
Pantheon: Edenic Candidates
Areas of Concern: Trades, Transformation, Transience, Trauma
Domains: Artifice, Knowledge, Plant, Strength, Travel
Subdomains: Alchemy, Self-Realization, Thorns, Thought, Trade
Favored Weapon: Kukri
Symbol: An eyepatch embroidered with the image of a roeish herb
Sacred Animal: Salamander
Sacred Colors: Dark Brown, Lime Green, and Sunset Orange

  • The title is an ambigram: flip it upside down and it says the other word. One side (SKINSINNER) of the book details Dodrich’s life, tragedies and personal failings, and how he overcame them with the help of his friends and community. The other side of the page (and by extension, the book) is upside down; this side (SKINSAINTS) goes into alchemical herbalist theory, mortuary techniques, and geneticist sciences in a way that works as an ethical primer for those starting out.
    Worshippers: ?
    Maximum Cleric Power: ?

    High Priestess: Phaedra Katsaros

Church Structure
The religion of Mercy’s Mortician is not only one based on faith, but also of science, commerce and education. It’s common to find herbalists and geneticists working alongside tradesmen and theologians. With this in mind, the Church of Dodrich is a diverse organization, composed of five different sects with their own specialized studies.

  • The Burial Branch (BB) is composed of morticians and hunters of the undead. This branch has the largest population of militant members, due to the hazards of necromancy and the dangers of those who misuse it. At the same time, morticians protect the bodies they prepare by providing anti-necromantic protections and providing lore on darker magic.
  • The Grieving Branch (GB) focuses on assisting living, not only in terms of physical health, but in the mental and spiritual sense. Filled with doctors, counselors and clerics alike, they donate their time to those that need it the most, typically waiving the cost for the most destitute.
  • The Knowing Branch (KB) is the scholastic arm of Dodrich’s church. Professors of various topics and lawyers can be found among these ranks, working on ethical quandaries and legal disputes. This branch also possesses information brokers for seekers of more volatile knowledge, although those that deal with them are heavily vetted beforehand.
  • The Builder’s Branch (SB) is the branch of teachers and tradesmen, as well as those that wish to change their life in a different direction. Merchants and diplomats also play a large role in this branch by helping spread the doctrine of Dodrich across Jacoria.
  • The Branch Reborn (BR) is the scientific arm of Mercy’s Mortician. Alchemy, constructs, herbalism, kinetic bonding; if it exists, a practitioner will end up here to build the next step in their field. Within ethical limits, of course.

Edenic Obedience

While keeping one eye closed or covered, prepare yourself for the practice of a trade. Gain a +2 insight bonus on saves against illusion and necromancy effects.

1: Tools of the Trade (Sp): True Skill 3/day, Honeyed Tongue 2/day, or Darkvision, Communal 1/day

2: Casual Expertise (Ex): You’ve studied enough to know what you’re talking about, even in the most complex of conversations. Whenever you take 10 on a skill check, treat your result as if you had rolled 2 numbers higher. For every 2 hit dice after you obtain this ability, treat your result as 2 additional numbers higher. For example, If you are a 16th level character and obtained this ability at 14th level, you treat all “take 10” results as if you rolled a 14.

3: Foremost In Your Field (Ex): After living your life for as long as you have, you’ve been there and done that. Now you can help others who are there do it right. At the start of each day, select a number of people equal to your Intelligence modifier. Whenever those people roll a skill check in a skill you have ranks in equal to your character level, they roll twice and take the better result. If they are under an effect that lets them roll multiple dice and take the better result, then add one additional die to that roll.

1: Fit to Survive (Sp): Cure Light Wounds 3/day, Alchemical Allocation 2/day, or Infuse Self 1/day

2: Graceful Decline (Su): You may remember you shall die, but that doesn’t mean you can’t go peacefully. You become immune to magical aging effects and ability score penalties. At the start of each day, a number of allies equal to your Intelligence modifier also gain these immunities. Additionally, you ignore any ability score penalties you might accrue from getting older.

3: Greet Death (Su): You and Death have come to an agreement. You ensured that you don’t leave any sooner than what Death intended, rendering you immune to necromancy, energy drain, and death effects, as well as any effect that would cause Constitution damage, drain, or penalty. Additionally, once per week, the moment you die, all of your allies gain the effects of Deathless for a number of hours equal to your character level. While under this effect, they remain conscious and unimpaired by hit point loss, as well as gain Regeneration 5 (negative energy).

1: Gravebringer (Sp): Enlarge Person 3/day, Sense Vitals 2/day, or Animal Aspect, Greater 1/day

2: Mercy is not Kindness (Su): Sometimes death is too good for an enemy. You can deal nonlethal damage to all enemies, regardless of their immunities. If an enemy that would be destroyed upon reaching 0 hit points, such as an undead or a construct, reaches 0 hit points, they are instead treated as helpless until they remove their nonlethal damage.

Additionally, while an enemy is suffering nonlethal damage you caused, you can demoralize them through Intimidate, regardless of whatever immunities they might have. You do not suffer penalties to demoralize an enemy based on size.

3: No Exception to the End (Ex): Immunity is a myth. If you’re smart enough, you find every weakness they have. You treat all enemies with immunity to precision damage, including critical hits, as possessing a 75% chance of negating critical hits, as if they possessed Heavy Fortification. If you also possess the Anatomical Savant feat, its effects stack.

Whenever you confirm a critical hit and are about to roll for negation chance, you can roll a Heal check as an immediate action, provided you are trained in it. Subtract The result of the Heal check from the negation chance.

Religion Trait
Change for the Better

Requirements: Dodrich or Verdant Road

You have witnessed or experienced the revolutionary studies of Dodrich’s faithful. As a result, you know a special trick with polymorphing spells. Once per day, when you cast a spell with the polymorph subschool with a range of personal, you can treat the spell’s range as touch instead. When altered in this way, the duration of the spell is reduced to 1 round per level.

Dodrich (Edenic Pantheon)

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