Eunomia (Edenic Pantheon)


The Shattering Force

Alignment: LE
Areas of Concern: The Betrayed, Warfare, Winter Storms
Domains: Law, Evil, Erosion, Strength, Water
Subdomains: Loyalty, Devil, Ferocity, Resolve, Ice
Favored Weapon: Lucerne Hammer
Symbol: A Dented Hammer Striking against a Cracking Wall
Sacred Animal(s): Elephant
Sacred Colour(s): White and Black
Current Followers: -
Maximum Cleric Power: -
Leader of Faith: Hephorus Junior, War Mastadon

Sacred Text:

My Longest Winter: Eunomia’s personal journals, reflecting her time from joining under the banner of the great Pirate Lord Perimos, to coming to Edenecho and helping establish the City of Architon. The journals go into great detail about her respect for the man’s mighty force of personality and strength, and her willingness to follow him anywhere. She was chosen to stay and guard the city while he and a few of the upper Pirate Captain’s under his banner took a journey into the desert seeking riches. When they returned months later, claiming that Perimos had ascended to Godhood, there were none more faithful to his cause than her. She would shatter his enemies, and ensure that Architon stayed atop the land.

When the traitor Serien Messer fled from the city with stolen Divinity of his own, Eunomia began to see the first signs of Architon cracking. Even back then, at the beginning. So she redoubled her efforts and brought the city back into order and prosperity, even while working under the wing of Perimos’ proxy, the working Governor of Architon, Theia Cross. She liked to think that she had formed something of a working friendship with the woman, along with the others in charge of her city; Endymion, Admiral of their Seas, Phaedra, Mistress of their Markets, and Markarian, Warden of their Prisons. But when the day of Black Fire came, her world was flipped upside down. Volvagia, a Harbinger of utmost Destruction, had crumbled more than just lives and architecture that day. Despite what Theia had believed when she enacted her complete control over Architon to save the city through her psychic witchcraft, her most important pillar of control had been shattered that day; Eunomia’s unwavering Faith in the Iris. A broken trust that could never be repaired, knowing that the man she had been seemingly serving for years was not in control. To know that she had been the Iris’ most powerful Knight, and still not been trusted with the information that Theia was the true Goddess in charge.

Even while Architon still reeled from the dragons that had brought catastrophe, Eunomia rode north, into the Faceless Sands. The endless dunes that had driven her old Lord mad did little to erode her mind. She had steeled it too powerfully. She found the temples of Moshigh, and their hundred priests. She found the babbling, maddened body of Perimos, still living in his false delusions of grandeur that Theia had left him to believe in. She had crushed them all beneath the flat of her hammer, and given mercy to her old Commander. Saved from a fate worse than death. Used as a simple puppet. She knew deep in her heart that Perimos was no longer of any use to Theia now that she had revealed her true self.

But she was still but a single person. And a single person could do no more with her lifespan than annoy a God. But a great many people, led by a brilliant commander of the fields. That, she could work with. She defected from the Architonic lands, and enlisted the help of others from Edenecho; The people of Nytt, who she had once seen as frail and weak, due to their simpler Trials. But they possessed a spirit that she admired. A composite force, made of many conflicting forces. One still willing to band together for a singular cause. Nothing like the consolidated central system of power that ruled Architon.

The journals begin to taper off and grow more vague as they describe her entering a new, foreign Island that had risen up from the waves. One of frozen tundras and fantastic fauna. But however the tales ended, they relayed a few final messages in parting;

That nothing was permanent.
That nothing was forever.
That nothing would stop her from ascending to the Heavens, to act as a rallying point for all those of the world who had been lied to by their homes and countrymen. To all those of the world who had been betrayed by what they trusted.
For the storm she would embody would be relentless.
And the storm she would embody would crush any who thought to betray her faithful.

Eunomia (Edenic Pantheon)

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