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The World

Explore the world outside of Edenecho, here you will find a wide variety of interesting facts about the history and geography of Jacoria, the planet on which this campaign takes place.

Important Organizations

Quench your thirst for knowledge with this dive into some of the famous organizations that have helped form the setting in which the campaign takes place in. From ancient societies formed by Orcish tribes to wise masters of martial power, there is a little something for everyone.


Now that you have studied the past, let us dive into the present. Within these halls you will find information about the Island of Edenecho, a proving grounds trapped in a planar well where one can compete for the highest prize imaginable. Godhood.

Collective Knowledge

Now that you have gained insight into the world at large it is time to dive into the struggles of the heroes of this story. In this archive is a collection of knowledge accumulated by the players over the course of the campaign. Inside you will find subjects such as the divine, material goods, and the nature of the universe.

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