Nomo'luun (Edenic Pantheon)

Nomo’luun Dra’gon

The Enduring

Alignment: NG
Areas of Concern: Self-Improvement, Endurance and Legacy
Domains: Strength, Animal, Glory, Liberation, Community
Subdomains: Self-realization, Family, Ferocity, Legend, Fur
Favored Weapon: Claw
Symbol: Several green threads knotting together in the shape of a square monument.
Sacred Animal(s): Snake, Leukainine
Sacred Colour(s): Dark Teal and Orange
Current Followers:
Maximum Cleric Power:
Leader of Faith: Sköld Wassem

Seeker’s Sight Longhouse:

Sitting atop the cliff overlooking the open amphitheatre and all of Nytt, this is a “place of worship”, which amounts to a large long hall surrounded by palisade. A set of four long tables surrounds an open firepit in the center of the hall, with no formal altar or even iconography, save for a large, banner-like tapestry hanging on the back wall with her chosen symbol woven into it. In the long hall, patrons and faithful were encouraged to cook, feast, share stories about hunting, fighting, sparring, exploration, anything, and even to find a quiet corner in the hall to read or scribe. At the head of the main table is a large, fur-adorned chair where Nomo’luun will typically sit during feasts and gatherings.

Outside the long hall there’s a modest stabling area, sparring grounds, and a small obstacle course inspired by the Glory Gauntlet’s own creation several years ago. Most notably around the back of the long hall is a large bonfire overlooking the cliff, kept lit throughout the night. It can be seen from anywhere within the city.


Be Undaunted - Overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles and make the impossible very possible. Face against foes larger and more superior than yourself. Survive and grow stronger, or win and rise above. Even if you fail, there is worth in trying. Courage comes not from feeling no fear, but learning to face it.

Merit over Birthright - Regardless of what condition or family a person is born into, their value comes from what they can do and what they can become. From the lowly pauper to the lofty king, work hard to improve yourself and break expectations.

Respect Nature - The world is your home; it nurtures you, challenges you and changes along with you. Fight against it, or with it, but never disregard and abuse it. Treat your body as a home and the elements of nature as your guests.

For Hearth, Home and Family - Help your community; revel in the achievements, pick them up when they’re laid low, and defend them when they need it. Family is what you make of it, care for those deserving, and raise one of your own.

Strength comes in many forms - It is not the strength of one’s size, but the size of one’s strength that matters.

Make Your Legacy - Challenge yourself and grow however you choose. Learn from the past, look to the future, and leave something behind in the present. Inspire those who will come after you.

Nomo'luun (Edenic Pantheon)

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