Ruesslt (Edenic Pantheon)


The Distant Memory

Alignment: CN
Areas of Concern: Tragedy, Romance, The Forgotten
Domains: Chaos, Charm, Darkness, Scalykind, Knowledge
Subdomains: Entropy, Love, Loss, Venom, Memory
Favored Weapon: Scorpion Whip
Symbol: A Serpent Coiled into the Shape of a Heart, Spear Pierced through it
Sacred Animal(s): Snake
Sacred Colour(s): Green, White, and Purple
Current Followers: -
Maximum Cleric Power: -
Leader of Faith: Elctotota, First Light Above the Field

Sacred Text: The Ones Left Behind: A truly sorrowful tale about the ravages of time and the impermanence of things, attempting to lead the reader into finding solace through surviving tragedy, and to band together with others who have experienced similar things. For even if the rest of the world has forgotten you, Ruesslt will always hold a place in her heart for the outcasts.

Ruesslt (Edenic Pantheon)

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