Schalice (Edenic Pantheon)


The Storyteller

Alignment: TN
Pantheon: Edenic Candidates
Areas of Concern: Legends, Language, Stories, Spirits
Domains: Glory, Rune, Repose, Charm, Travel
Subdomains: Legend, Language, Souls, Lust, Exploration
Favored Weapon: Club
Symbol: An open book and quill
Sacred Animal(s): Mole
Sacred Color(s): Lavender and White
Current Followers: 805
Maximum Cleric Power. 6th Level Spells
Head of Faith Winona Basker Schalice, The Chief Editor
Holy Text(s): The Chalice of Choices, a choose your own adventure novel that with each choice lists a time constraint, such as a maximum time or a minimum time you must reflect on your choice. Halfway through the book is a suggestion on one of the six ancillary holy texts to expand into before finishing the adventure. Decisions and Duels, Answers and Aspirations, Indecision In Indulgence, Pragmatic Patience, Lessons in Learning, and Ready Reclamation.
Holiday(s): The Storyteller’s Solstice (Winter 1): As families and communities gather inside for the coming cold season, a day and night of stories is told around a warm fire with large feasts of food and drink. The intent is to inspire future generations into great deeds, whether they be mundane like inheriting the family farm, or becoming an adventurer to protect the land.

Church Structure

The Church of the Storyteller is divided into seven sects. Six of sects deal with aspects of legends that the Storyteller holds close to his heart. Members of the first six sects are free to study from others, but primarily devote themselves to their sect’s drive. The final sect is one of universal study, not devoting oneself to any one ideal over the other

Sect of the Scrapper

The Sect of the Scrapper is a division of the church that aims to achieve legendary status by focusing purely on the single pinnacle moment at the end of a conflict. The final battle of the war, the campaign speech against an election rival, feeling of fists upon another’s body as you reach your perfect moment. When the world narrows down to its simplest moment. Your opponent and yourself. That is the moment they train for. Self control, strength of body, dancing, and martial powers are the primary focus of this Sect. The Scrappers are mostly warriors though a small number pursue more mental or political angles. This sect makes up approximately half of the crusaders of the Storyteller’s Church.

Sect of the Aspirant

The Sect of the Aspirant is a division of the church that aims to achieve legendary status by focusing on the unwavering determination that drives a person forward. There is no single moment they aim for, but rather the long culmination of a life time. Overcoming trials, resisting temptation and choices that will sour their stories. Self control, strength of spirit, freedom, and endurance are the primary focus of this Sect. The Aspirants are mostly guards though a small number pursue more overseer like positions. Such as moral committees and oversight organizations This sect makes up approximately half of the crusaders of the Storyteller’s church.

Sect of Sufferant

The Sect of the Sufferant is a division of the church that aims to achieve legendary status by focusing on waiting for the perfect moment. The single moment where you can make the lightest of touches echo throughout the world. A domino of effects that lead to your victory. They cherish not the moment itself, but the build up and anticipation leading to the moment, and the elation of a well played maneuver, they hate nothing more then looking back and realizing they didn’t act in time. Patience, strength of mind, hobbies that take a long time such as sewing, and decisiveness are the primary focus of this Sect. The Sufferants mostly serve in leadership and logistics, though rumors of more morally ambiguous jobs do exist. This sect makes up approximately half of the missionaries of the Storyteller’s church.

Sect of the Afflatus

The Sect of the Afflatus is a division of the church that aims to achieve legendary status by inspiring all around them. Every day is a holiday, every meal is a festival, and every relationship is a torrid affair. It is their duty to try and be the best in all situations, the most flamboyant of heroes when they are active and the most hedonistic of people when they relax though they must never let their vices rule them. Music, Sex, Mind Altering Substances, Strength of Mind, Body, and Spirit are the primary focus of this Sect. The Afflatus are primarily entertainers or artists, though some pursue a life in politics. This sect makes up approximately half of the missionaries of the Storyteller’s church.

Sect of the Polymath

The Sect of the Polymath is a division of the church that aims to achieve legendary status by mastering their understanding of the world and leveraging that. The long grind of study, the joy of figuring out a puzzle, and the unending thirst for knowledge are what drives them. To learn from history, to understand the present, to predict the future. Study, History, Magic, and Strength of Mind are the primary focus of this sect. The Polymaths are primarily scholars or inventors, though some leverage their minds for advisory roles. This sect makes up approximately half of the Reliquarian Guard of the Storyteller’s church

Sect of the Harvester

The Sect of the Harvester is a division of the church that aims to achieve legendary status by correcting the mistakes of those that came before them. Saving treaties that are falling apart, decisively ending conflicts, removing curses, or putting the long dead to rest. The past is a canvas that helps highlight their deeds to the modern era. Spirits, Relics, History, and Keen Insight are the primary focus of this Sect. The Harvesters are primarily archaeologists or exorcists, though some pursue professions in medicine or law. This sect makes up approximately half of the Reliquarian Guard of the Storyteller’s church

Sect of the Author

The Sect of the Writer is the final division of the church that aims to achieve legendary status by their own means, or a combination of ideals. Their is no set path, no real organized lesson, no primary tenants. This is the path for those who are indecisive or feel they can carve their own path. The reluctant hero or the headstrong one. The Sect of the Writer will catch them all.



Come together and share a story about the deceased. Each person writing down a small recollection about the person and then combining the pages into an anthology of the person’s life. Add the book to the library so any may come and read of their story and grow inspired. A harvester will then call upon the soul, and determine if it is ready to move on. If it is they will lay it to rest, if it is not then they will find a place for the soul to continue building on it’s legend


Read from the Chalice of Choices, or one of the six sub books, complete the daily message and then spend the rest of your time writing a piece of original storytelling. Reflect on your writing styles, the daily lesson, and the connection between them.If you cannot access the holy texts then spend an hour in deep self reflection, thinking over your previous days actions and how you would have written it in a story. Gain a +2 sacred bonus on lore checks.

Primarily Missionaries

1: Slice of Life (Sp)Unseen Servant 3/day, Knock 2/day, or Shrink Item 1/day
2: Childhood Friend Romance (Su)If you cast a Charm Spell and the target fails their saving throw, they have no memory of you casting the spell, even after the duration of the initial spell has ended. If you are incapable of casting spell with charm descriptor, instead you may reroll a diplomacy check that would result in a lowering of attitude. If your second roll succeeds the check still fails, but no attitude is lost.
3: Denouement (Sp)Drawing inspiration from the Ideals of Patience or Indulgence you modify an area to be of utmost comfort. This acts as Mage’s Magnificent Mansion except instead of creating a building out of nothing you modify an existing building. The outside of the building remains the same, though the interior changes to match your wishes. The entryway is not hidden, but in all other ways it acts as the spell. If you are you inside the building, when the spell ends, you must either recast the spell, or be shunted out in a random square, taking 1d6 points of damage per five feet This ability can be used 1/day on an empty building.

Primarily Reliquarian Guards

1: Murder Mystery (Sp)residual tracking 3/day, crimson confession 2/day, or pillow talk 1/day
2: The Forbidden Love (Sp)Once per day you may cause an enemy to witness the spirits of their long departed loved ones, this acts as the spell Overwhelming Grief. If you hold a keepsake of one of the departed’s while using this ability the target does not receive an initial save.
3: Exposition (Su)Using the powers of Learning and Reclamation you dive into the knowledge of the universe itself. Once per month you can enter a deep state of meditation as you have your soul leaves your body searching for the greater questions in life this process takes half an hour. Then within the next 24 hours you may tap into the knowledge embedded into your soul to empower yourself, though you do not actively remember what you learned. Outside of casting time, this acts as Glimpse of the Akashic.

Primarily Crusaders

1: Action/Adventure (Sp)endure elements 3/day, instant weapon 2/ day, or blade snare 1/day
2: Love Across Battlelines (Su)The passion you feel for your foes is almost as deep as the desire one feels for a lover. 1/day you may designate a single foe as the target of your obsession. You receive a +1 morale bonus on attack rolls, damage rolls, and saving throws verse your target, just as they receive the same verse you. Whenever either you or the target takes damage increase this bonus by 1. This effect lasts until one of you has died, 24 hours has passed, or a third party damages either of you.
3: Climax (Su)Once per week as an immediate action when you would go unconscious due to hit point damage(Lethal or Nonlethal) you may keep moving forward using your incredible attachment to either finishing a Duel or Aspirations of grandeur. For one minute you may act normally with negative hit points and nonlethal damage equal to your current hit points. If your hit points would drop to a point where you would normally die you may keep acting as though you were only staggered. At the end of the minute duration apply all effects as normal based on your hit points at that time.

Custom Trait

Student of 1000 Tales
Having read the 1001 Tales of the Schalice Faith you find your view of the world changed. Life is but a thousand paths, anyone can become a legend if they apply their mind correctly. Choose one Skill, gain a -1 penalty to that skill and that skill is a class skill for you. You may spend 100 gold in incense and books to change your selection once per week.

Paladin Code

Paladins of Schalice inspire others through acts of kindness and self expression. They work to empower those who lack the power to make change.

  • My story is my life. I must remain beyond reproach. When in public I will be a shining beacon to inspire others. I will strive to always draw the eye towards deeds of good.
  • I am at all times generous. Those of lesser standing then me are not beneath me, but rather on their own path. Many stories begin with the farmer, and I shall remember that even the most vile of urchins may one day become a hero.
  • I respect the dead. To speak ill of them is a disgrace. I shall record the facts of their lives and let others make a judgement of them.
  • The souls of the departed are to be respected. If they must be fought they will be done so solemnly.
  • I will not judge those who enjoy life in ways I don’t understand. As long as nobody is being abused I will accept it and move on if I cannot learn to truly embrace it.
  • I must understand why those who do evil do what they do. I will never interrupt a Villain’s speech while they are explaining their reasoning unless they attempt to use this rule to harm myself or others.
  • I will strive to master as many tongues as possible, so that I may tell my tale.

Anti-Paladin Code

Antipaladins of Schalice devote their lives to their own self interest, they do so in a way that makes sure that nobody will forget their name.

  • My story is my life. I must remember that all others are side characters in my tale.
  • I will be merciful. If I can afford to spare an antagonist’s life I will. With luck they will share their own futility with others.
  • Children are not to be killed. Their quest for vengeance will add to my story.
  • Rape will only lead to my story being undermined. Sex is a valuable outlet, but not at the expense of my legend.
  • Those that die still roam, I will use them to defeat my foes.
  • I will die talking, let nobody misunderstand my goals. When I eventually fall the history books will have all they need to make the future fear my return.
  • I will strive to master as many tongues as possible, so that I may tell my tale.

Other Works.

Chicken Soup for the Soul – A cookbook inspired by WInona Basker Schalice detailing recipes that are so good, you could seduce a good.

Schalice (Edenic Pantheon)

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