The Historical Reclamation Society

Historical Reclamation Society
‘For Notes and Knowledge’
HQ: Base floor of the Radiant Cathedral, Located at the center of Dogma

A faction that slowly formed as the months wore on in Edenecho. The HRS was mainly comprised of adventurers, willing to hire themselves out to the Recon Corps, Council of Nytt, or anyone else around with the proper bartering materials or coin. They didn’t generally consider themselves to be in things for the long haul, instead opting to wait and hope for the appearance of ancient ruins within the winding confines of the Edenecho wilderness. If they could be the first to lay claim to such places, surely wealth and prestige would follow them for the rest of their days.

With the discovery of the Candidate trials the HRS began to bloom in popularity, however fate was not on its side. First a serial killer ravaged their ranks, then they suffered heavy casualties at the hands of the next two trials. Firstly to a mad sniper Ha’li the Cracked, a members of the Hunters of Seirolac. Then to a disastrous incident where a third party hire used a manufactured weapon on Zapianu’s Isle.

Their reputation fell to shambles, and unable to recover they were forced to split into two more manageable separate factions. The HRS moving the Dogma, and the Glory Gauntlet staying in Nytt.

Now primarily made up of scholars and researchers the HRS uses their base in Dogma as a launching point for their studies. The closest and most easily accessible of which is the ‘Grove of Arms’ a nearby area filled with magical weapons and markings of ancient failed godlings.

Captain Nimroddle Gloralmath
Other Members of Note – Bellinda the Bleak
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The Historical Reclamation Society

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