The study of the divine, of gods or godlike beings who control the very cosmos. Entities once though a myth, and then once thought dead. Now though the people of Nytt know the truth. Gods still live, and new godlings are in the process of being born. A race to document the history of the world’s divinity has begun.

6th Era Candidates

 Name Pantheon Notes
Schalice, The Storyteller Edenic TN Candidate of Legends, Language, and Lingering Spirits. Favored animal is the Mole.
Enroth, Creation’s Forge Edenic CG Candidate of Hunting, Protection, and Forges. Favored animal is the Goat.
Burley Roy, The Headstrong Hero Edenic LG Candidate of Honor, Camaraderie, and Architecture. Favored animal is the Cervino.
Sylaris of Seirolac (Edenic Pantheon) Edenic TN Candidate of Equality and Checks and Balances. Favored animal is the Hydra.
Serien Messer, The Creeping Chameleon Edenic NE Candidate of Falsehoods, Spies, and Turncoats. Favored animal is the Chameleon.
Theia, The Shimmering Iris Edenic LE Candidate of Surveillance, Forgiveness, and Unity. Favored animal is the Owl.
Volvagia, The Slumbering Scourge Edenic CE Candidate of Destruction, Fire, and Dwarfkind. Favored animal is the Dragon.
Zira, The Sunlit Garden Edenic NG Candidate of Healing, Arts, and Plants. Favored animal is the Snake.
Nomo’luun, the Enduring Edenic NG Candidate of Self-Improvement, Endurance and Legacy. Favored animal is the Leukainine.
Zaul, the Ardent Huntsman Edenic LG Candidate of Feasts, Passion, Animals, and the Hunt. Favored animal is the Dragon.
Eunomia, the Shattering Force Edenic LE Candidate of The Betrayed, Warfare, Winter Storms. Favored animal is the Mammoth.
Ruesslt, the Distant Memory Edenic CN Candidate of Tragedy, Romance, The Forgotten. Favored animal is the Snake.
Dodrich, Mercy’s Mortician Edenic TN Candidate of Trades, Transformation, Transience. Favored animal is the Salamander.

Zodiac Pantheon

 Name Pantheon Notes
Ruoni Zodiac  NE Goddess of Undeath, Vermin, and Swamps. Favored animal is the Rat.
Charola Zodiac NG God of Farming, The Working Class, and Fatherhood. Favored animal is the Ox.
Caspian Zodiac TN Deities of Duality, Important Decisions, and Fate. Favored animal is the Tiger.
Peatros Zodiac  NG God of Couriers, Travelers, and Long Journeys. Favored animal is the Rabbit.
Volvagia  Zodiac  CE God of Devastation, Flames, and Dragons. Favored animal is the Dragon.
Echis Bohn Zodiac NE Goddess of Assassins, Poison, and Silence. Favored animal is the Snake.
Akte-Hale Zodiac LG God of Healing, Divine Rites, and Mercy. Favored animal is the Horse.
Zapianu  Zodiac  CN Goddess of Untamed Areas, Animals, and Natural Disasters. Favored animal is the Monkey.
Saint Croix Zodiac  LE God of Nightmares, Bodies of Water, and The Mind. Favored animal is the Ram.
Velder Zodiac  CG Goddess of Revolution, Freedom, and Birds. Favored animal is the Rooster.
Kune Zodiac TN Deity of Truth, Visionaries, and The Blind. Favored animal is the Boar.
Skylos Zodiac  LN Goddess of Prophecy, Cautionary Tales, and Tragedy. Favored animal is the Dog

Mystic Pantheon

 Name Pantheon Notes
Vrol Mystic Era LG God of Healers and Redeemed Criminals, favored animal is the Butterfly.
Magnius Mystic Era NG God of Sportsmanship and Physical Fitness, Favored animal is the Osprey..
Hephorus Mystic Era LE God of Progress, Commerce, and Overseers, favored animal is the Elephant..
Arc-Hion Mystic Era TN Deity of Lost Knowledge, The Stars, and Rituals. Favored animal is the Hawk.
Rindrenruah Mystic Era NE Goddess of Undeath, Lost Travelers, and Desperate Slaves, Favored animal is the Crocodile.
Qed’Ivar Mystic Era CE God of Wanton Violence, Carrion, and Broken Souls,. Favored animal is the Vulture
Skylos The Lost Pack Mystic Era LN Goddess of Survivors, Tragedy, and Mismatched Conflicts. Favored animal is the Wolf.
Shirun Solina Mystic Era CN Goddess of Spies, Deserts, and Beauty. Favorite animal is the Fox.
Illyathorn Mystic Era CG Goddess of Mages, Civilization, and Cooperation. Favored animal is the Dragon
Chorite (Mystic Era) Mystic Era TN God of Magic, Time, and Reversal of Fate. Favored animal is the Peacock.

Grace Pantheon

 Name Pantheon Notes
Propes Generations of Grace N/A Candidate of ???
Kita Generations of Grace LN Candidate of Bloodlines, Jeouji, and Music. Favored Animal is the Rabbit.
Azamuku Generations of Grace LE Candidate of Dreamers, Sailors, and Painting. Favored Animal is the Orca.
Shi-Hosan Generations of Grace LG Candidate of Servants, Boundaries, and Dance. Favored Animal is the Lion.


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