Zira (Edenic Pantheon)

Zira Eva

The Sunlit Garden

Alignment: NG
Pantheon: Edenic Candidates
Areas of Concern: Healing, Art, Plants
Domains: Good, Healing, Sun, Plant, Magic
Subdomains: Redemption, Medicine, Day, Growth, Divine
Favored Weapon: Longspear
Symbol: A Glowing Sun with mystical sparkles inside it.
Sacred Animal: Bear
Sacred Color(s): All
Current Followers: 400
Maximum Cleric Power: 5th Level Spells
Head of Faith: Darius Arrawran
Holy Text:
The Preservation of Life:
A book that details the importance of preserving life in all its forms. This includes the preservation of the self and taking care of yourself instead of burning yourself out taking care of everyone else. It says that all of life is like a tree, branching out and growing, when properly cultivated and given the tools to succeed, it will flourish and be beautiful. It also has several chapters on death, that death is the natural end of life, and without death, life is meaningless. There is nothing wrong with letting death take some peacefully, and we should do our best to help them pass without pain. It additionally has a chapter about the importance of the balance between nature and civilization, and how the two should live in Harmony rather than in opposition. Finally there is a chapter about art and how it is just a snap shot of life. All things are art and that the act of creating it is sacred.


Summer 45 – The Sun’s Solstice – The longest day of the year. An Art Festival is held from dawn to dusk where people can show off their great works. Great food is had, great conversation is around, etc.

Paladin Code

- Those who ask for my aid and for Sanctuary will receive it. So long as they do not abuse me or others, I will provide for them.
- Those in need may not always be able to ask for it, I will care for those unless they ask me not to.
- I will strive to see the art in all creatures, big and small. Everyone holds a piece of light in their soul.
- I will step first with the hand of peace, not with the blade of force. My voice is my most powerful weapon.
- I will protect the natural world from needless destruction, for the natural world is a living art piece unlike any other.
- I will strive to always try to understand those before me, be them friend or foe, to try and help a life without understanding it is impossible.
- Those who I belief can turn over a new leaf should be given every chance, if life is to end, it must be a last resort.


At an appropriate time for you when the sun is in the sky, stand where you can feel the sun on your skin, if such a place is not available, you may use the most brightly lit place available to you. Reflect on the people you could help with the powers given to you by the divines and how you can provide for others. Afterwards reflect on what makes your life good, who makes it good, and the happiest parts of your life. Think about why you were happy at those moments and how your personal health is important as well. Do this for 1 hour.

Gain a +2 Sacred Bonus on Heal Checks and a +1 Sacred Bonus on Will Saves.

Custom Trait

The Art of Life

Requirements: Zira Eva or Preservation Society

You have found that life’s blessings are divine in nature, either through tireless work in devotion to the Sunlit Garden’s or perhaps the Preservation Society was a major part of your life. Either way you find the beauty and the grace in even the littlest bit of life and know that the Sun will always rise even in the darkest of hours.

Benefit: Choose 1 craft or artistry and gain a +1 trait bonus on checks for that chosen skill. Additionally When you use the Heal skill to provide long-term care, your patients heal an extra 1d8 worth of hit points if they are capable of seeing the sun at the end of the treatment.


Via Artem – The Branch of Art – This Sect is devoted to creation. All types are acceptable. From painting, to sculpting, to forging. All types of creation are a symbolism of life itself. The Via Artem also works on creating what is necessary for people to survive, such as medicine, buildings, etc.

Via Essentia – The Branch of Essence – This sect is devoted to the preservation of nature. Filled with druids and farmers alike. They want to heal nature and ensure corruption is kept at bay. They also strive to provide the life essences for the entire world, thus providing what is necessary for the world to function.

Via Radium – The Branch of the Sunbeam – This sect is devoted to Redemption. To finding light even in the darkest of places. They are a perfectly equal sect among the others and anyone willing to take the long and hard road of Redemption is welcome here. It focuses a lot putting any bad qualities to more productive natures, for instance, if you can only burn things, burning the bad things that threaten people.

Via Vita – The Branch of Life – This sect is devoted to Life. Taking care of others, providing for them and giving them sanctuary when they ask for it. They work in hospitals and provide medical care for those in need. Some travel while some stay in place. A main philosophy is to never turn down an advancement in medicine as long as it helps, arcane, divine, alchemy, primal, mundane, all must be advanced to provide the best care for others.

Via Doctrina – The Branch of Learning – This sect is devoted to education and to learning, the preservation of the youth of society. Making sure no matter who someone is they are given plenty of opportunities to succeed in life. The path they take in life is for them to choose, all they must do is desire it. The tenet of sanctuary is sacred to them and orphans and children should always be taken care of, as they are the future of our world.

Zira (Edenic Pantheon)

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